Welcome to A Dog Spot

"A Dog Spot" is a small dog boarding facility that is all about dogs. The kennel is located in the lower walk out level of our home and has been designed with a dog's comfort in mind.

We start with a home-like atmosphere. We have a large recreation/family room for dogs to enjoy, giving them a chance to get out of their kennel throughout the day. There is furniture for them to lounge on and big windows that look out into the yard. We painted the walls blue and yellow because dogs can see those colors. (We figured if it's a place for dogs they should be able to see it too). There is a large fenced yard that can be used for running and playing or just strolling and sniffing. We have in-floor radiant heat through out the kennel area. The floor is non slip for guests that need a little extra traction due to age, injury or disease.

We have three kennel runs in one room and seven runs in another. "A Dog Spot" has been designed to minimize stress for our guests. While in their kennels, dogs are not able to see one another unless someone is moving into or out of their kennel. We've kept it small again to help reduce some of the stress that may happen when kenneled with a large number of dogs.

We recognize that dog's are individuals and will have different likes and dislikes and we will get to know our guests as individuals. Dogs who enjoy the company on other dogs will have supervised play times with other dogs staying at "A Dog Spot". Dogs who need more personal space can be accommodated with private play yard and family room time.

The kennel is owned and staffed by experienced dog professionals and former owners/trainers of Paws Abilities Dog Training in Rochester, Minnesota.

We can be your dog's home away from home, allowing you to leave with the piece of mind that your canine family members will be well cared for in a safe environment by people who know dogs.

Hours for drop off and pick up:
Monday - Friday
8AM to 11AM and 4PM to 6pm
Saturday 8AM to Noon
Sunday 4PM to 7PM
No pick up or drop off on holidays