Our Services and Rates

Boarding Charges

  • $35 per day for 1 dog in an individual kennel
  • $56 per day for 2 dogs in the same kennel
  • $77 per day for 3 dogs in the same kennel
  • 10% discount for 4 or more dogs kenneled for the same time period

You are charged for the day that you drop your dog off and each day after that they stay past the morning pickup/drop off time. Morning pick up/drop off hours are Monday-Friday 8AM to 11AM and Saturday until noon.

Boarding includes a private indoor kennel with access to a play yard five or six times per day. Dogs will enjoy time out of their kennel in either a play yard or family room depending on weather and your dog's preference. We feed two meals per day and meals are included in the cost of boarding.

If your dog has a longer coat requiring brushing please bring their brush along. We will maintain already brushed out coats (5 minutes per day). Coats that are matted or in poor condition already will not be maintained, but we do offer limited grooming services for an additional charge.

Add on Options

Nature Walk - $15 per walk. Please bring a harness for your dog if you would like us to use a 50 foot line or we will walk your dog on a 15 foot line with a regular collar, (This is not a training walk.)

Bully Stick - $2 to $4 depending on size.

Stuffed Kong - $2and $3 for a Kong stuffed with healthy treats like natural peanut butter, cheese, hotdogs, applesauce, kibble and/or canned dog food etc.

Bath and Dry:

Under 20#$25
21 to 45#$30
46 to 75#$35
76 to 100#$40
101 +$50

Trim Toe Nails - $10

Board and Train - Additional $20/day

We can train your dog during his visit. This can be walking nicely on a leash, coming when called, crate training, potty training, keeping four feet on the floor while meeting guests, etc. Training will provide additional enrichment for Spot while visiting "A Dog Spot." Let us know how we can help.

Owner Transfer Session - $40

This is a one hour private lesson with you and your dog to show you how to maintain your dog's new skills that she learned while training with us. While this session is not required we think that you will have better results if you take the time to work with us and your dog before taking her home. This session is at no charge for dogs that train with us for 14 days or more.

Note: Board and Train should be thought of as a way to jump start your dog's education. We are experienced with teaching dogs and can help them learn new skills relatively quickly. A big part of dog training is building a relationship with your dog that only you can do. It will take work on your part to reinforce the relationship and to continue your dog's training.